Sex Coaching

Are you looking for new ways to heighten your sexual pleasure? Do you want to deepen the connection and delight of sex within yourself, or with your partner?

What Is Sex Coaching?

Sex Coaching is designed for you! Tailored to your needs and interests, Sandi Anders acts as your "coach," providing information, guidance, practical tips, and take-home exercises to help you explore and enhance your sexual experience.

About Sandi Anders, MDiv, CSC, ACS

Sandi Anders is an AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor, an ACS Certified Sexologist, and holds the Skydancing certification from Margo Anand's Skydancing Tantra Institute. She is a Certified Life Coach and an experienced, certified Yoga teacher. These skills come together in her unique approach to Sex Coaching, as she teaches individuals and couples advanced skills for relaxed and enjoyable sexual pleasure.

What Can You Learn in Sex Coaching?

Using Sandi's affirmative approach to Sex Coaching, here are some of the skills you may learn:

  • Breath training and breath awareness
  • The art and craft of making love
  • Tuning in to your innate sexual energy
  • Relaxing in states of high arousal
  • Amplifying sexual energy in the body
  • Mindful sexuality – inhabiting the present moment without distraction
  • PC muscle development for greater sensitivity and enhanced orgasm
  • Intimacy practices to deepen desire and connection
  • Tantra
  • Whole-body pleasure in orgasm
  • Expanding delight through sensory awareness
  • Self pleasuring techniques: know your body's pleasure zones
  • How to whole-heartedly claim your sexual pleasure
  • Multiple orgasm
  • Genital massage for healing pleasure
  • Sexual breathing
  • Accessing the G Spot for increased pleasure
  • Exploring female ejaculation
  • Increased sexual confidence
  • How to communicate about desire
  • Gain greater sexual knowledge
  • How to address concerns around desire, orgasm, and/or performance
  • Self pleasuring as meditation on self-love
  • Ejaculation control through relaxation and body awareness
  • Expand your sexual repertoire: forget about boredom
  • Create your fulfilling sexual life

This is not a curriculum, nor is there any expectation of what you should learn. Rather, it's a list of some of the possibilities – to tickle your imagination! Sandi listens carefully to your interests and tailors her approach to fit what you want to explore and learn.

Note: Sex Coaching is an informational service focused on helping you improve and enjoy your sexual relationship. Sexuality, sexual activities, exercises, and practices are discussed in an office setting. There is no nudity or sexual activity during the session. Sandi respects your privacy and helps you create the sexual relationship you desire. Between sessions you are encouraged to extend your learning by practicing the "homeplay" exercises she gives you.