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Sandi Anders, MDiv, an AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor, is recognized as a Certified Sexologist by the American College of Sexologists International. She specializes in sex and relationship therapy, and works with women, men, and couples who want a more satisfying experience of sexuality.

Few of us arrive in adulthood knowing how to create and nurture a satisfying and sustainable sexual relationship with a beloved partner.

The life skills we need to lead successful and healthy adult lives we mostly get as young people, from our parents, teachers, and extended families. Skills like reading, how to add and subtract, how to drive safely, be a friend, job skills. Everything, that is, except how to have a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship. Most everybody gets the basic mechanics of sex one way or another, from health class, a Big Talk with a nervous parent, from friends. But there is so much more.

Sandi’s welcoming and respectful presence combined with her compassionate, skillful manner make her easy to talk to about sexuality and relationships. She provides informative feedback and a safe framework in which to discuss intimate matters.

Browse this website for more information about her practice, or give Sandi a call at 615.243.5693.

sex counselingSex & Relationship Counseling

Sexuality is an important domain of life, one that is often overlooked, trivialized, or cloaked in ignorance and taboo. Sandi Anders believes that adults can learn to address sexual challenges with the same adult problem-solving skills they use in other areas of their lives.

Sex is learned behavior in humans, not instinctual as it is for most animals. Most of us receive little practical guidance as young people about how to create a thriving and nurturing sexual relationship with a beloved partner. Small wonder that many of us are, quite literally, “fumbling in the dark,” as we strive to create a nurturing and pleasurable sexual relationships.

Sexuality Counseling is sex positive therapy, where you can talk without fear of judgment about whatever challenge you’re facing in your sexual life. Sandi Anders is an AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor and an ACS Certified Sexologist. She is knowledgeable and skilled in dealing with complex and confusing sexual dilemmas. She creates a calm and supportive atmosphere in which it is possible to talk about difficulties, communicate safely, and learn new approaches to satisfying and pleasurable intimacy and emotional connection.

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Mind Body Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy

Sandi Anders offers MindBody Psychotherapy for individuals who wish to integrate the wisdom of their bodies with their perceptive minds and their feeling hearts. This approach aims to help you experience a greater sense of wholeness and connectedness – reducing alienation, confusion, anxiety, and depression – through this integrative, holistic approach. We are our bodies. Our thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams are embodied. With every inhalation, we enliven ourselves through a complex choreography of physiological and neurological events. Each exhalation offers a calming respite from the gearing-up of the inbreath.

While we often attribute our emotions to activity in the brain, it is more accurate to say our whole bodies feel and experience emotion, particularly the torso and the abdomen. Our bodies “tell” us our emotional state through muscular tensions and visceral experience. Choking sensations of grief and sadness, hot flashes of anger, heartfelt sensations of love, the fluttering sensations of anxiety we call butterflies in our stomach – all are visceral, embodied expressions of our emotional state. MindBody Psychotherapy seeks to connect you to the healing resources of the wisdom of your body.

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sex coaching

Sex Coaching

What do you want in sex? More pleasure? Less stress, worry, and distraction? More connection with your partner? All of the above?

Sex Coaching is an approach designed to help you get more of what you want. Without pathologizing, or seeing problems at every turn, Sandi Anders coaches you to reach your goals. She encourages you to build on your strengths, practicing new skills such as better sexual communication, mindful awareness of yourself and your partner, and learning to relax into deeper pleasure and connection.

Great sex is to ordinary sex as a gourmet meal in a five-star restaurant is to, well, fast food. Why settle for less? Great lovers are made, not born. While there is a range in aptitudes, loving and attentive partners can create an amazing dance of love together.

Quality loving is about giving pleasure and receiving pleasure. Getting lost in the moment, awash in feelings of loving connection, happens most frequently under conditions of relaxed and unhurried exploration. Great sex is playful – adults playing together, tuned into themselves and each other, curious, without schedule or expectation other than to be on a journey of pleasure.

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Sandi welcomes persons of all sexual orientations, lifestyles, and preferences to her practice.